Case for transportation and protection of Datamaf15 data acquisition system

Case with handle for field transportation and protection of complete data acquisition system (KITDATAMAF15): it protects DATAMAF15 datalogger from shocks and provides environment protection.

Optional: it is to be additionally purchased relatively to complete data acquisition system (KITDATAMAF15).
Material: black coloured plastics.

Dimensions: 450x363x148mm.
Environment protection: IP67, with sealing.
With valve for pressure equalization for allowing to easily open it after airplane transportation.
Sifety: two padlocks (not included) can be applied by customers.
Shock protection: inside the case there is a shock absorber materialfor 1pcs KITDATAMAF15.

INCLUDED (between brakes order codes):
Optional industrial case (VAL1): 1pcs. black plastic industrial case to transport and protect the complete data acquisition system KITDATAMAF15 (to be separately purchased): 1pcs.DATAMAF15 datalogger electronics (DATAMAF15),1pcs. DATA2LOG installation disk (DISK1),1pcs. Power supply generator, 12Vdc, mains 110-220Vac with cable and P1J connector (PWR1),1pcs. Power supply cable, 1,6m with shucko connector, (CABPWR1),4pcs. socket adapters (CON1),1pcs. USB cable (CABUSB1),1pcs. Ethernet 2m cable (CABETH1),4pcs. Adapters for fixing (MEC1).